How to make a hat from a great headband pattern.

Making a hat from a headbandI just figured out how to knit a hat from a headband. I had a headband pattern, but I wanted to try making a hat from it, without having to pick up the stitches from the edge of the headband once its done.  If you have noticed a pattern of the things I design, I HATE cutting yarn.  Making one stitch at the end of the row is the basic idea here.  You can see the example in the image on the right.

Here are some basic instructions:  Every row you are making, cast on a stitch at the end but first, with the yarn in the back, wrap the yarn around the cast on st from the previous row, then using the backwards loop method cast on one stitch and then continue in the headband pattern.   Then you will have a headband that you’re knitting and at the same time, perpendicularly, adding stitches to the hat.

I am starting with 1 stitch per 2 rows, but I think this is too little and I will have to k2, m1 on the first row.  More to come.

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