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This is a site about knitting.  It’s created and edited by Daria Mark (that’s me!).  Here I post updates on knitting projects, ideas and patterns.

I started knitting when I was a little girl.  I was at a summer field station with my dad, who was very busy and didn’t have much time for me and my sister, so we were hanging out with the graduate students who were taking turns watching us.  One of them was kind enough to teach me how to knit. Since I was very young, I don’t really remember how I learned, which has made me a terrible knitting teacher.  Since I taught myself almost everything beyond the basic knit and purl stitch, I can teach you how to correct mistakes.  I’ve made many of them.

I love knitting because it allows me to do three things I really like: engineer structural objects (3 dimensional calculus was my favorite course in college), fidget (that’s what I call the actual process of knitting), and create elegant things for my family.

I love yarn, but not enough to make it myself.  For a very brief period, perhaps 10 minutes, I considered dying my own yarn, but then reason hit and I realized that I have enough hobbies and activities on my plate that I hardly need another one, especially one that requires some equipment.

I create a lot of patterns, some of which I even write down. I have a very structural brain, and I am very good at figuring out how to connect shapes and make the final shape I need.  With this skill, I can create patterns that are mostly knit in one piece. Thank you 8th grade geometry! Some examples of projects are afterthought mittens where the thumb is knit form a row of extra stitches and is seamless at the end.  Or the contigous method which I love for making sweaters with set in sleeves.

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