Zig Zag Jacket from Knit One Knit All

This morning, my kids woke me up at 6am and I stole the few morning minutes to sit in my sunroom and finish the Zig Zag jacket from Knit One Knit All (Elizabeth Zimmerman’s garter stitch patterns) that I’ve been making for months for my mother in law.  Low and behold:  it’s beautiful!

Zig Zag Jacket from Knit one Knit All

There is only one problem with it.  It’s too small!  It seems that my 3″ border is actually 2″, which shorts me a full 4 inches in circumference.  The good news is that when I measured the sweater, it was exactly 4 inches short on the circumference.  The bad news is that I have to do the enter border and all the sewing up the back all over again.

Knit a little, measure, then knit some more.   Now, I have to make that statement into a keychain and hang it on the knitting bag so that I always remember to measure, then continue knitting.  At some point while doing the border, I even remember thinking “Hmm, that border looks a little small.”

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