Warmy Hat – a pattern for a winter hat in a chunky yarn

Let’s say you have some down time and a skein of Burly Spun that’s sitting around. Here is a great hat that I made for a friend’s daughter. Looks great and feels luxurious, and of course, now i have to make more for my own kids since they loved it.  I called it Warmy because it’s warm and snugly – so there you get the hybrid.  Here is an overview of the finished product with the pattern following.  Check back as I will post a video on how to twist stitches for those of you who have never done this technique before.

Hat overview:

How to twist the knitted stitches:

Here is the pattern:

Yarn: Burly Spun by the Brown Sheep Company.  This color is called Lotus Pink.

Needles: Size 13 needles.

Gauge: 2.75sts per inch (in the k1, p3 pattern).

Child size: 17″ around, approximately 2-4yo.  But it’s fairly stretchy, and for a larger size, increase the main section in length.

Cast on 48 sts.  Join being careful not to twist.  Work the border (k1 twisted, p1) repeat all the way around for 1″, about 5-6 rounds.  Change to the main pattern of (k1 twisted, p3) all the way around.  Work even until the hat measures until 5″.


Round 1: K2tog twisted (worked like twisting one, just catch the back of both the knit and purl st that follows it), p2, k1 twisted, p3 all the way around. 42sts.

Round 2: Work 1 row even (knit the twisted stitches, being sure to twist them, and purl the purl stitches).

Round 3: Repeat (k1 twisted, p2, k2tog twisted, p3) all the way around. 36 sts.

Round 4: Work 1 row even.

Round 5: Repeat (k2tog twisted, p1, k1 twisted, p2) all the way around. 30sts.

Round 6: Work 1 row even.

Round 7: Repeat (k1 twisted, p1, k2tog twisted, p1) all the way around. 24sts.

Round 8: K2tog twisted,  k1 twisted, p1) all the way around. 18 sts.

Round 9: (K1 twisted, k2 tog twisted) all the way around. 12sts.

You should have 12 sts left.  Cut yarn with approximately a 6” tail, weave in.  Weave in cast on end.

You can make a pom pom for the top or you can leave it as is and the hat will be reversible.

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