2 Below Hat

I have a stash. I hear from reliable sources that it’s rather small considering how much I knit, nevertheless, it’s extensive enough that I often forget treasures in its depth.

Late one day in January, we realized that we’d lost my daughter’s very warm hat. Or, to be precise, she lost it – somewhere between school, home, and various stops along the way. I dug through our hat bin, my hat bin, the next size up hat bins, alas, to no result.

Thus, the stash.  The lost hat was made from Good Karma Farm yarn which is soft enough for hats and scarves and comes in vibrant colors that I love for winter. I had a small sliver of hope that I would find a long forgotten skein of Good Karma lying in wait for this terrible moment. Yet, again my search came up empty. Then my daughter saw it. In the very back of the top drawer of my stash was a bag of forgotten, botched projects, and inside a newborn “hat” made form Rowan Big Wool. As soon as my daughter saw it, she fell in love with the light pink color of this monstrosity, leaving me to frog it.

Trying on the hat the never worked. In the image you can see that the scarf portion is so thick that it does not gather when ribbed.
The wool is thick for this style of project – the scarf portion stretched too much.
Post frogging, I started to rework the crown of the hat. I knit almost all hats from the top down so they can grow with my kids as I easily add more width and height.
Warm hat for a child
Warm hat for a child with ear flaps and braids. This hat has quickly become a favorite for the days when the temperature sinks below 20 and stays in the teens or single digits. When it was -1F one morning, we wore the hat and a hood.

The Warm Fuzzy as we call it, lives on and has been handy for 2 winters now. It seems to have so much fluff built in that it has grown with my daughter as she has grown. I bet in dire circumstances, even I could wear it.